Funeral Costs

We offer affordable and dignified funerals to suit all your requirements.

Whatever your financial circumstances we will endeavour to provide a funeral of the highest standard.

Most traditional funerals are tailored to your specific needs, and reflect the personality of your loved one. The cost of the funeral will vary depending on the level of service required, the coffin selected, limousines, whether burial or cremation, catering, flowers etc.

We provide free advice and guidance to help you make an informed decision at what can be a very difficult time.

We also have an alternative low cost option for a direct unattended cremation from £1190, and unlike many other direct Cremation providers your loved one will be cared for in one of our funeral homes in Dundee and cremated at Dundee Crematorium, and not taken out with our area.

Direct unattended cremation includes:

  • Cremation fee (Dundee Crematorium only).
  • Our Staff will bring your loved one into our care (within a 25 mile radius) from hospital (during office hours), nursing/care home or private residence and held within a temperature controlled environment in our funeral home. 
  • Simple coffin
  • Transfer to Dundee Crematorium.

What does direct unattended cremation mean?

  • No service will be held at a direct unattended cremation
  • No family members or friends can attend as this is a strictly private cremation
  • The low cost cremation fee is only available Mon- Fri at 8.15 a.m.or 8.20 a.m.

There are other low cost options available.

    Help and Support with funeral Costs

    On occassion,  the person responsible for making the arrangements may be eligible to make a claim for financial support.  We have provided links below which offer guidance and help to confirm if assistance is likely.

    Download a Funeral Payment claim form – conditions apply

    Download a Bereavement Benefit claim form – conditions apply

    We have also partnered with Dundee City Council who offer a funeral package at a cost from £1775.  You can visit their website at should you require further information.

    We also offer other low cost options such as our 'Simple Burial or Cremation' package and our 'Traditional Burial or Cremation' package.  Please contact us for further details.